Revamp Your Space For Cheap!

In this time of quarentining and increased time in our homes, I think a lot of you are feeling like me right now. I’ve been binge watching home decor shows and the desire to redecorate and improve the vibe of my space has been at an all time high. I just refuse to spend an arm and a leg to do it!

If I’m right and you are searching for some affordable options to update your living space, then keep reading for my Top 10 tips to revamp your space without breaking the bank!

1. Tidy Up

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Begin with a fresh pallet. Give the room a good vacuum and wipe down. Leave your big picture items and store the other items off to the side to allow your mind a clean slate to get creative. Sometimes removing the clutter might be all you need to love the space again.

2. Rearrange furniture

Play around with the placement of your furniture and create new focal points to give your space a brand-new feel without breaking the bank on brand new furniture.

3. Lighting

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Open your blinds and let in some natural light.  Fun fact: Basking in natural light triggers endorphin release aka “feel-good hormones”! so in addition to your space providing better selfie lighting, you’ll subconsciously just feel better when spending your time there.

4. Plants

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Bring some life to your space figuratively and literally with the addition of plants. Having plants in your home can be good for your health because they freshen the air by purifying toxins and reducing humidity in your space.

5. Throw pillows

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Replacing throw pillows is an affordable way to change the color scheme of a room and add a little personality to your space.

6. Accent wall

Paint 1 or 2 of your walls to give your the room a dramatic or subtle new look.

7. Change lamp shades

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Lighting brings life to a room and lampshades give personality! There’s such a wide variety of options for lampshades out there; You can go vintage, classic, modern, colorful, or exotic. The options are endless.

8. Change your wall art/ pictures

Keep your frames but update the family portraits. If you’re a person who has more art/ paintings on display you can also try moving pieces from one room to another to change the aesthetic without having to replace your favorite items.

9. Swap out your accessories

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Have fun with this part. You can use mirrors, books, area rugs, vases, etc to make your space fun and unique. 

10. Aroma Therapy

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The finishing touch! Add your favorite scent to give your room a relaxing and fresh change. some good options are candles, incense, oil diffusers, flowers, and herbal bouquets.

Good Luck with your decorating and leave a comment if you have any helpful “penny pinching” ways to revamp a space! 🙂

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