7 Tips To Improve Productivity

Productivity has been the topic of conversation within my inner circle this week. Students, day workers, and entrepreneurs alike. We are all struggling to find effective ways to improve the quality of our work and reduce wasted time. Here are my top 7 tips to help reduce distractions and increase goal accomplishment.

Set a Schedule 

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  • First things first, you have to have a plan. Get in a habit of planning out your weeks in advance to avoid missing deadlines and obligations. 
  • Strategic Procrastination is your friend! By strategic procrastination, I’m saying prioritizing what needs to be done now versus what can be completed later (without jeopardizing being late).  
  • Get comfortable with saying “NO”. No to that unplanned lunch date, no to helping with your friend’s project, and no to any other distraction that interferes with you meeting personal deadlines and daily goals. Once you’ve met your own daily/ weekly obligations then you can help others achieve theirs. 


  • Identify your distractions and remove them while working on your projects.
  • Remove clutter for a clear space and mind to get you work done.

Set Goals 

  • Plan out your daily, short, and long-term goals. You should always have something you are currently working on or towards. 
  • Avoid multitasking. Focus on one thing at a time so that you can work more efficiently and closeout projects before moving to the next one.

Track Progress

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Create a log to stay on track with your goals and encourage accountability with yourself.

Sometimes it’s easy to fall into the habit of missing deadlines or pushing them back to further dates when there’s no one to check in with, finding a trustworthy accountability partner to tell your goals to can assist you with staying on track.


  • Focus on the Big Picture. Know what motivates you to do what you’re doing and why you’re striving to improve your quality of work.
  • Celebrate the small wins to motivate yourself and boost your confidence towards achieving your bigger goals.


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Adequate sleep allows the mind and body to rest and recover. As you sleep your body is processing information from the day and making new memories. A lack of sleep inhibits your ability to learn and recall information efficiently. Stay on your “A game” by consistently getting a full night’s rest.

Anticipate Stress

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Have a plan to cope with stress. Some people make a rule of not bringing work home with them; others destress with daily activities or hobbies that brings them joy. Find what releases tension for you and use that to keep your head above water and your body/mind healthy while accomplishing your goals.

To my readers,

I hope these tips help you with improving productivity in your life! Remember that achieving success is a marathon not a race. Protect your health and make time for self care 😉 Take care you all.

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