Increase Your Length Retention

As the cooler weather begins to roll in our hair will begin to need a little more TLC to maintain its healthy shine, bounce and over all length . Winter tends to dry our hair out due to the reduction of moisture in the air compared to the spring and summer months. Dry hair ultimately leads to split ends and a thin/uneven look. Continued improper hair care can lead to you requiring a dramatic haircut to restore the health of your hair . If you would like to avoid the stress of chopping your beloved strands and are looking to improve the length and health of your hair then keep reading for 7 helpful strategies to reduce hair breakage.

1. Reduce Shampooing

We all love the feel of a good lather! But when it comes to dry hair, less is more. Shampooing your hair every day will strip the natural oils from your hair and scalp. These oils are what gives your hair strength, a healthy shine, and prevent dandruff formation. You should wash your hair 1-3 times a week and follow with a deep condition treatment to rehydrate your hair.

* your frequency will vary based on your lifestyle, natural oil production, and hair texture so just do what you feel your hair needs *

2. Weekly Treatments

Deep conditioning and Oil treatments help to restore moisture and proteins back into your hair. Regular treatments will bring your damaged and over processed hair back to life making it softer and more manageable with detangling/styling. Both types of treatments can be done every 3-7 days, frequency will vary depending on the individual needs of your hair.

* hair must be shampooed after oil treatments to prevent build up and clogged pores*

3. Detangle With The Correct Tools

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When detangling your hair opt for more gentle tools like wide-tooth combs, tangle teezers, or a paddle brush. Take your hair sections and gently detangle from ends to root. This prevents breakage and further splitting of hair ends.

4. Don’t Go Out With Wet Hair

Going outside with wet hair when it’s cold outside, yes because it can make you sick but also because it can cause your hair shafts to expand and stiffen, making them more susceptible to snap and break. During winter months you can avoid this by washing your hair at night or by getting up early to allow a thorough air dry before leaving the house.

5. Heat Tools

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Limit your heat styling or go completely heat-free for the longest intervals of time that you can manage. Straying from heat will allow your scalp and hair to gradually regenerate its natural oils which will coat the hair shaft and hydrate your hair. Continued practice of “no heat” styling in combination with a deep conditioning regime will significantly improve the strength , texture and manageability of your hair. 

6. Regular Trims/ Dusting Your Ends

Split ends form when hair becomes dry and damaged from chemical processing, rubbing against fabric and excessive heat styling. Rid your hair of split ends regularly to prevent thinning ends and to maintain consistent hair growth. 3-4 months is the rule of thumb, but you may require less depending on the health of your hair.

7. Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

silk/ satin-like fabric

Cotton pillowcases absorb the moisture and oils from your hair and can snag at the ends of your hair causing breakage. Combat this by using a satin/silk scarf or pillowcase at night which allows hair to glide instead of snag. The smooth fabric allows your hair to stay moisturized, full of volume, and frizz-free for morning styling.

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