There’s A Tea For That…

Did you know that herbal teas are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that can help fight disease, inflammation, infections, and protect against oxidative stress? Who knew that knowing your way around the herbal tea section at your local grocery could help remedy chronic conditions like arthritis, insomnia, acne, and even high blood pressure. According to, studies have found that some herbal teas can help improve weight loss, lower cholesterol and even help with heart disease and cancer. If you are someone who could benefit from having relief of a chronic condition or even just a better nights sleep, improved digestion, smoother skin, or less menstrual cramping then keep reading to find a delicious herbal tea that best fits your situation.

Black /Chai 

Contains antioxidants which aid in heart health; may lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Helps reduce formation of bad bacterias in the stomach promoting a healthy gut. Black teas also contain caffeine which can improve focus and alertness.


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Increases metabolism aiding in weight loss. Helps with diabetes prevention and even reversal by decreasing blood glucose levels. Improves digestion and is commonly used as a detox tea.


Can be used to reduce insomnia, hot flashes, post exercise soreness, and anxiety.

*Be cautious with the use of this tea as it is meant for short term use and can have mild to severe side effects with overuse. It is recommended to consult your MD before the use of Valerian root teas.


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Aides in blood pressure and blood sugar reduction. High Vitamin C content and helps improve liver health.

* hibiscus tea can have an effect on your estrogen levels so before consuming, please consult you MD if pregnant or trying to become pregnant.


Reduces Inflammation and increases immune health. 


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Aides in digestion, relieves stomach pain and nausea.

Rose Hip

Decreases appearance of fine lines / improves skin elasticity in the face. Has antimicrobial properties that help kill bacterias.


Improves liver health and regulates gallbladder function. Historically used to improve appetite and relieve constipation.


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Helps to reduce menstrual cramps and improves sleep and relaxation. Can be used topically to reduce skin irritation, bruises, burns, and even eczema.


Improves general brain health, studies support improved memory retention and ability to focus. Minimizes hot flashes associated with menopause.


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Reduces inflammation. Used to treat kidney stones and reduces bloating/gas.

Green Tea

Contains cancer fighting antimicrobials and has inflammation reduction benefits. Can help reduce bad breath and lowers risk for type 2 diabetes.

I hope this information will help improve your quality of life or leads you in the right direction towards other natural options to alleviate any physical discomforts you may be dealing with.

Thank you for reading.

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