Skincare Products Worth Trying

With the second wave of Covid making its way through the country, we can anticipate that there will be more time spent indoors . What better way to come out of quarantine than with flawless and glowing skin! Now is the perfect time to give your regimen a boost with some amazing tools to reduce congestion, puffiness, and uneven skin. Ive made a list of some highly rated products that will take your skincare regime to the next level! I’ve personally tried every item on this list and can tell you they work wonders! Keep reading to find out what those 9 products are.

Facial steamer $60 (limited time 50% for $29)

Steaming your face opens the pores and allows blackheads and buildup to be loosened and more easily removed when cleansing the face. Adding a facial steam at the end of a long week is a great way to detox the pores and prevent acne breakouts.

Face & Body Spin Brush

Target $39

The cleansing spin brush is said to clean the skin 10 times better than your hands. The constant rotations allow for even exfoliation of the skin, prevention of ingrown hairs, and thorough make up removal. The device often comes with multiple brush sizes and densities to allow for gentle daily use or more intense weekly exfoliation. Spin for great skin!

Personal microdermabrasion device (pmd)

Macy’s $159

This personal exfoliating tool is best for individuals who are trying to improve hyperpigmentation, uneven texture, blemishes, and fine lines. It is a waterproof tool and can be used on the face and body. Due to the intensity at which this device exfoliates, it is recommended for use only once a week.

Facial rollers

Target $15

Facial rollers are used to improve the appearance of the skin by increasing circulation to the area treated; aiding in the reduction of puffiness, fine lines, acne, and increasing product penetration.

Derma roller

Amazon $10

Derma rolling is a form of micro needling. The device is a small wheel with hundreds of tiny needles protruding out of it. The lengths begin with .25 mm and go up to 1.5 mm for at home use. The prickling of the skin causes the body to begin a phase of healing, increasing collagen production and reducing the appearance of acne scars, wrinkles, and discoloration over time.

Facial sculpting tool

Target $11

This massaging tool is used to increase circulation and collagen production giving your skin an immediate glow and more toned appearance. It is best used in combination with an oil or serum to eliminate friction over the skin.

Cooling facial globes

Sephora $25

These chilling facial massagers are used to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of large pores. Incorporate this tool into your regime to reduce puffiness, headaches, and inflammation.

Exfoliating gloves

Amazon $9

Your face isn’t the only part of your body that needs routine exfoliation. Exfoliating gloves allow you to remove dead skin more effectively; preventing ingrown hairs, reducing the appearance of scars and giving your skin a smoother feel. Follow up with a moisturizing oil for radiant skin.


Ulta $6

Retinol often comes in serum form and is used to help reduce acne by preventing clogged pores and allowing for products to penetrate the skin more effectively.

*Be careful when incorporating new devices into your regimen. Do your research on the proper use and frequency of use for the device. Also, pay attention to your skin and how it reacts. *

Good Luck!

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