Fun Quarantine Date Ideas

In a time of social distancing it can be difficult to find fun activities to get out and enjoy. Lately I have noticed a shift in my mood whenever I leave my home, there was this increased feeling of anxiety regarding COVID and excessive germaphobic behavior that honestly, began to put a damper on my desire to leave the house at all. For the sake of my mental health I knew I had to get creative and find some ways to combat this “buzz kill” effect quarantining was having on me. I began brainstorming some fun ways I could go on personal dates with myself and spend time with my significant other; All while limiting our exposure and remaining COVID FREE! If you’re interested in some fun indoor and outdoor date ideas or just some cool things to do by yourself then keep reading….

1. Get Camera Ready!

Have a photoshoot. Set up your tripod if you already have one or just prop up your phone for a good angle. Use the timer setting on the camera for a hands-free shot! Make this fun by dressing up or getting creative with your location.

2. Make A Watchlist

We all hate the feeling of finishing a great series on Netflix and having to go on the hunt for a great new show, so why not just do it ahead of time. Spend an evening researching some hit shows on the platforms you have a subscription to like Netflix, Hulu, and Roku. Make a list of about 5 shows or movies to add to your watchlist. Add some take out and make it a date.

3. Wine Tasting

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During your next grocery run pick out a few wines that you haven’t tried before. To take it up a notch, head over to the deli for a charcuterie and cheese board to pair with your wine selections. If you’d like to avoid the trip, there are wine delivery services at your fingertips. 

4. Bike or Skate Rentals

For those of you who are more adventurous and crave some vitamin D exposure, check out your local rental shop and go for a relaxing ride in the park or around a lake trail. Invite your partner for a fun time and an increased feeling of safety.

5. Workout 

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You’ve heard of the freshman 15 right? Well, now there’s a quarantine 20! Being stuck indoors has a lot of us inactive and packing on the pounds.  Work up a sweat with a 30-45 minute cardio circuit. If you’re not a regular gym-goer I would recommend an at home ,beginner friendly, YouTube video that you can follow along with.

6. Plan A Trip

Plan the perfect weekend getaway with a road trip to a beautiful cabin or beachfront home. 

7. Cook Something New

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Take the evening to try out a new recipe/ dish. Make it a date and invite your significant other for a little friendly competition in the kitchen. 😉

8. Purge Unwanted Items

Enjoy a cathartic night of eliminate clutter and unwanted items around your home. Avoid making this stressful by picking a small area to focus on; a closet or bathroom are good places to start. Hand down your unwanted items to friends, sell them, or donate to charity.

9. Virtual concert

Join the new wave of virtual concerts. Set the mood with some snacks, wine, and the right lighting. Enjoy your evening with a live performance from your favorite artist or orchestras.

10. Picnic at the Park

Pack a lunch, a good book, and a blanket and enjoy a nice afternoon picnic in the park. Make this a fun date by adding your significant other, a small music speaker, and a deck of cards for an afternoon getaway.

11. Have a Spa Night

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Bring the Spa to your bathroom. Apply your favorite facial or hair mask and have a relaxing candlelit bath with Epson salt and essential oils. If you’re not a fan of baths, try a relaxing shower with Eucalyptus instead. Afterwards, relax with a nice movie or your favorite book for the remainder of the evening.

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